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PASSAsia brings creative and innovative solutions as a consulting partner. Cognizant of our clients and customer requirements to offer an appropriate solution. While educating our clients we learning from them.
Strategic and Corporate Planning
Consultative process for environmental scanning, align with vision and mission, integrate Results Based Management/ Results framework with organizational/business impact.
Research and Strategy
Solid on research methodology, execution, data analysis, report generation and devising solutions in wide range of subject disciplines.
Small Business Training
Since 1999, we have specialized in customized, creative small and large group corporate and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) training with proven impact.
Data Analysis & Report Writing
Thorough on research methodology, execution, data analysis, report generation and formulation of solutions from findings.
Small Business Online Accounting
This product is good for micro, small and medium scale businesses and entrepreneur professionals. It’s totally FREE to use with a small installation fee.
ICT Systems & Solutions
Partnered with several national and international entities to offer you simple, affordable and practical ICT applications including mobile Apps and websites.
Project Evaluations
A team of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural investigators to undertake annual, mid-term, final and ex-post project evaluations and impact studies following RBM approach.
Qualitative Data Analysis
FGDs, KIIs, IDIs, MSCs and Case Studies. We use Dedoose, NVivo and ATLAS as latest software applications. We have demonstrated our capacity.
Quantitative Data Analysis
Expertise to undertake large- or small-scale quantitative data surveys and analysis with SPSS/SAS/Minitab/R/Stata.
Remote Data Collection
Social distancing demands us remote data collection. Online, off-line, mobile, SMS, What-App, voice and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies are available.
Mobile Data Collection Survey
It is a matter of couple of hours to set up and run mobile data collection surveys. Software is totally FREE. Only a small installation fee to be paid.
Mentoring and Coaching
Highly confidential mentoring and coaching service is available on family, professional or business development requirements.
Government and NGO Training
Since 1999, we have specialized in customized training module development, facilitation and TOTs for government and NGOs. Multi-lingual ability is a plus.
Educational Counselling
This service is with assured confidentiality and for parents, students or parents and students together.
Start-up Investment Service
This service is to link you with banks and other investors to support you to commence your start-up and to be a successful entrepreneur.
Project Baseline Studies
Experts design scientific baseline studies in line with the program / project log frame to generate benchmark indicator values.

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

PASSasia builds learning and development partnerships in research, consultancy and training with mutual benefits and win-win situations. It is more than just a business.

“We are proud that today you provide a consultancy service for Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradenya on e-education, one time you was a student of the same Faculty. We appreciate your willingness to support us beyond business formula and consider this as part of your contribution to develop the education system” Best wishes

Dean / Agriculture

We are thrilled to see PASSAsia’s progress with the qualitative research study data collection completed in Sri Lanka as our local consultant. They are super responsive, responsible and accountable with 100% integrity. Within agreed timeline all delivered. Now we are good consulting partners.


IRM Associates LLC, USA

Samantha and PASSAsia were wonderful to partner with. Hard-working, dedicated and highly skilled. I would most certainly work with Samantha and his team in the future.


Deakin University, Australia

Samantha and his team was able to provide us project designing, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning services and solutions with the use of latest mobile data collection technology. We are so proud to keep him on board his as a consultant.


Sarvodaya Sri Lanka

I had a great opportunity work with Samantha, his wife and PASSAsia team for several international consultancy assignments funded by JICA and implemented by Government of Sri Lanka. The capacity, quality and standards of PASSAsia is at very high level I am so impressed.



”PASSAsia is passionate and committed   in finding solutions in many fields ensuring sustainable change. Close partnership with clients, drawing expertise with cutting edge tools are the key strengths of PASSAsia for their quality deliverable & results.”


MEAL Specialist

It is very rear persons like Samantha and organizations like PASSAsia. I am so proud to be associated with him and the company to obtain services and solutions for number of my companies and organizations where I serve. We are now close friends and consulting partners.

Sudath _Artist

Art Way Group | HARIDE TV

In last many years Samantha and PASSAsia team is doing a wonderful work to support our work by doing independent project evaluations and staff capacity building training. We feel like he also in our Caritas family. Recently PASSAsia always introduced new M&E learnings for us.


Caritas Sri Lanka - SEDEC

Samantha and PASSAsia team were our Re-engineering consultants in 2012. The consulting partnership with PASSAsia is still worth for us. The capacity, competency, optimistic and practical problem solving ability of them is exceptional. We wish them a great success in their new cycle towards 2030.


Chairman - SLRCS

Example of a Multi-stakeholder and multi year consultancy

IFRC Secretary General’s speech talk about the importance and the success of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s (SLRCS) Re-engineering process.

Chairman / Lead Consultant of PASSAsia Mr. Samantha Pathirathna was the Chief Consultant for SLRCS Re-engineering process together with SLRCS, IFRC, ICRC and number of other Partner National Societies of Red Cross movement (including German Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, American Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross etc.). This was a multi year consultancy with three phases (Re-engineering, Beyond Re-engineering and Way Forward).

Under this consultancy governance and management separation, sustainability of SLRCS branch network and impact of humanitarian service quality were focused. Service was offer in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages with a multi-disciplinary team of consultants (2011-2015).

PASSAsiaCentral Office
Humanity-Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship to craft SOLUTIONS
PARTNERSHIPS & VIRTUAL OFFICESPartnerships with 27 Countries & 5 Virtual Offices
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We talk, teach and act towards responsible use of social media as a tool to enable achieving SDGs by 2030.

PASSAsiaCentral Office
Humanity-Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship to craft SOLUTIONS.
PARTNERSHIPS & VIRTUAL OFFICESPartnerships with 27 Countries & 5 Virtual Offices
GET IN TOUCHPASSAsia Social links
We talk, teach and act towards responsible social media use as a wise tool to enable achieving SGDs by 2030.

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Copyright by PASS Asian (Pvt) Ltd. All rights reserved.
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