KoBo Toolbox Certificate Course - First Time in Sri LankaMobile Data Collection (MDC) Hands-on Training Course

KoBo Toolbox is a free open-source tool for mobile data collection (MDC), available to all. It allows you to collect data in the field using mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, as well as with paper or computers.
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Data Collection have always been an integral part of research, Results Based Management (RBM) including Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL). In the past, these tasks were performed with using pen and paper which made them time consuming , error-prone, difficult to conduct on a large scale and high in transaction costs.

Advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have opened exciting new avenues on conduction of research and data collection with a huge emphasis on RBM in economic activities and not only projects. One of these advances is the use of Mobile Data Collection (MDC). Instead of manual data collection and entry into database for analysis, data is entered into a device capable of exporting directly into a centralized database for processing and analysis.



PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 


passIf you have always wanted to learn how to collect, manage and analyze project/study data using mobile devices then this training course is for you. As it also comes with additional knowledge and skills to customize the learning experience  to your relevant sector or subject.

passThis course is for professionals who want to strengthen their capacity in MDC using innovative technologies. No prior knowledge of MDC software such as KoBo Toolbox, Collect or ODK etc. is required.

passThe course is designed for representatives from government organizations, universities and private educational institutions, small and medium businesses, NGOs, professional associations and individual researchers, trainers, and consultants.

PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 


passKeen interest to develop MDC skills and adequate time for practice

passPrior knowledge and skills on MDC not required.

passBasic computer literacy of using Google Chrome or any other browser

passThis course is designed for participants who are reasonably proficient in English. Sinhala and Tamil medium courses are also available.

passAndroid smart phone and computer or tab with internet facility



PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 


One of the most popular and commonly used MDC tools is KoBoToolbox. KoBoToolbox has been used for range of data collections and database requirements.

passAcademic research studies
passasia_mdc_2University student research
passasia_mdc_2Research surveys
passasia_mdc_2Observe elections
passasia_mdc_2Tracking humanitarian activities
passasia_mdc_2 Health surveys
passasia_mdc_2 Project progress tracking
passasia_mdc_2 Staff performance appraisal
passasia_mdc_2 Small business progress tracking
passasia_mdc_2 Customer satisfaction surveys
passasia_mdc_2 Customer feedback surveys
passasia_mdc_2 Member registration database
passasia_mdc_2 Events registration database
passasia_mdc_2 Monitor rainforests
passasia_mdc_2 Track outbreaks
passasia_mdc_2 Conduct one-off surveys
passasia_mdc_2 Rapid assessments
passasia_mdc_2 Baseline studies
passasia_mdc_2 Project mid-term evaluation
passasia_mdc_2 Project end-term evaluation
passasia_mdc_2 Market research
passasia_mdc_2 During and directly following disasters

Governments, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, universities, small and medium enterprises and independent researchers, trainers and consultants are the main user categories. KoBoToolbox Open Source Development is supported by Harvard Humanitarian Institute, Brigham Women’s Hospital and KWEYO together with additional support from OCHA, UNHCR, IOM, UNDP, WFP, IRC, WCS, WRI, Save the Children, PHR, USAID, Fidelity Foundation, TIDES, CISCO and Humanity United.

MAPData collection can be done using Android, IOS or Microsoft smart mobile phones, tabs, laptops, desktops. Remote areas using off-line mode data can be collected without Wi-Fi signal and mobile data. Enumerator device, detail and location verification can be done.

PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 


The course will introduce participants to tools and techniques of gathering data for project / programme outcomes to stakeholders using innovative mobile data gathering tools. This is a hands-on course for anyone who wishes to learn how to setup a mobile based system to collect, manage, analyze, and map data using KoBoToolbox.


passasia_mdc_2 Review the requirement (research, study, evaluation, baseline etc.) and the design to finalize questionnaire and its language/s.
passasia_mdc_2 Digitize / transform questionnaire into mobile compatible formats including main sections, sub-sections, skip rules, data validation and other codes.
passasia_mdc_2 Add advanced auto calculations, images, audio and video for more interactive surveys
passasia_mdc_2 Set up hosting / upload cloud server for survey data
passasia_mdc_2 Configure mobile phones / devices for data collection.
passasia_mdc_2 Collect data offline (without internet connection), collect data using online mode or using both modes
passasia_mdc_2 Visualize and analyze data online and share the dashboard if required
passasia_mdc_2 Download data for analysis (as variety of modes including SPSS supported version)
passasia_mdc_2 Clean data and produce final database
passasia_mdc_2 Develop maps from survey data.
passasia_mdc_2 Produce preliminary reports using online real-time visualization

CERTIFICATE A valid certificate will be issued upon the successful completion (with the compatibility to direct publish on LinkedIn network)  

PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 


The following six options are available for you to choose.

    1. At PASSAsia auditorium for individuals or small groups of up to 7
    2. In-house Training for universities, NGOs, Companies, Associations, Government organizations
    3. 50% virtual self-learning and 50% with instructor-led online sessions and discussions
    4. 100% virtual, online self-learning course
    5. Individual Residential Training for foreign participants – luxury accommodation following WHO COVID-19 health guidelines from our sister company ECO Treats Tourism Sri Lanka (within the same main premises): https://airbnb.com/h/eco-apartment-srilanka
    6. Customized sessions, training, workshops, or individual coaching can be arranged on demand

PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 



passasia_mdc_2 Easy to learn using interesting techniques
passasia_mdc_2 Attractive learning materials including videos and guides.
passasia_mdc_2 Mobile and remote data collection skills will add value to your career in facing challenges of doing surveys pandemics such as COVID-19 in the future
passasia_mdc_2 Hands-on learning along with experiences link with MDC consultancy projects
passasia_mdc_2 Free Q & A Webinar within 2-3 months.
passasia_mdc_2 Potential to in PASSAsia’s future MDC consultancies




PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 










PASSAsia_Kobo_ToolBox_Training_2020  PASSAsia_KoBo_Toolbox 


Award winning entrepreneur, Academic, Management Consultant-Trainer

Hult Prize 2020 International Start up Mentor and Certified MDC Practitioner with hands-on experience of national and international MDCs using KoBo Toolbox, ODK and Collect

PhD Candidate, Master of Business Administration – Management of Technology, Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development, Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic and Corporate Finance, Dip in Mass Communication 1st Class, B.Sc. Agriculture majored in Economics Spe. Hons



email_passasia samantha@passasia.com

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