Educational Counselling for Students and Parents

In this knowledge economy we all have to be a part of the highly changing global forces with our national identities. Non-traditional Education is the ONLY option for you to develop your human capital in very simple terms. When you develop your human capital value you are a winner.

Over the past 12 years, formally non-formally and informally we have provided education counselling solutions for quite number of friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, customers etc. With the request of friends, relatives and colleagues PASS Asia has decided to formally launch this educational counselling service and solutions to help students, teachers and parents to manage effective teaching-learning process and to produce highly competitive and students with a good character to be world class professionals. We have linked with relevant professionals for this service.

We offer our services in Sinhala, Tamil, English & Sign languages together with Braille media as per the requirement. In line with our exclusive policy for educational counselling, we do not disclose the names of you or any details for any reason.

This service will release your stress and tension and we will be a helping hand for both students and parents to achieve their educational dreams.

If you are an university student, or postgraduate student, professional, technical and vocational student and if you are having a strong dream to win your educational and professional career, then this highly confidential and professional solution package is for you with an exclusive promotional offers for 2011.

Discounts or other Promotions also available

If you are truly satisfied with the results of our service you can share it with others and if you are not satisfied we will pay the money back.

We are getting many concerns on this kind of statements. Let's attend today and avoid long term disappointments.

Your educational life will easy with our possessional service

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