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PASS Asia has established its resource person network with different organizations in addition to its core staff and core consultants with the leadership of the Chief Consultant Mr. Samantha S. Pathirathna. He is the only person in Sri Lanka with both The Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka (TOYP) award and United Status Sri Lanka Fulbright Scholarship. He is one of the most recognized Senior Visiting Lecturers at Institute of Personal Management Inc Sri Lanka and Associate Member of IPMSL. He is an Associate Member of Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) Malaysia and Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) USA. He holds Membership in Sri Lanka Institute of Training and Development, Sri Lanka Economic Association and Sri Lanka Association of Advancement of Science. He is currently a PhD Candidate in Management Studies. He has obtained Master of Business Administration in Management and has completed Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic and Corporate Finance degrees in addition to the B.Sc. Agriculture majored in Economics degree. He has completed Quality and Productivity Training in Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), ISO 9001-2000 Lead Auditor Training, Small Business Counseling TOT-GTZ-CEFE, ILO-Expand Your Business TOT, many other international and national academic and professional training programmes. Currently he is Chairman and Managing Director of three Private Limited Liability Companies in Sri Lanka with significant exposure to several other countries.Read More

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    We offer wide range of training and development solutions inline with the findings of training needs, personal and business needs to develop core competencies & character.

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    PASSAsia offers exclusive employee mentoring, coaching and counseling services with assured ethics, standards and confidentiality with long term partnership.


    With our service you are relax and we are measuring the performance of your staff to appreciate and depreciate them with the final aim of developing intellectual capital.

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    CV is not only for searching a job. Its You. Build your professional standards and your Curriculum Vite to be a global person with a package of affordable individual solutions.

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All our services will be offered in the most convenient languages for customers/clients. We are geared to offer Sinhala, Tamil, English, Braille, Sign language and other languages as per the request.

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