PASSAsia Global Solutions


PASS Asia - PASS Research and Consultancy (Private) Limited - is a globally acknowledged Sri Lankan Management Consultancy Firm since 1999 and Sri Lanka’s one of the Most Innovative Consultancy Partner on BPO Solutions, Investor Solutions, Private Sector Solutions (Industry, Business, Banking-Finance-MFIs), HR Solutions, NGO Solutions and Donor Solutions. We partner with private sector, development sector, semi-government and government agencies to identify highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform those Organizations or Projects from Good to GREAT with Supernormal PROFITS & PERFORMANCES.

We at PASS Asia strive to partner with you - Valued Clients - to challenge existing knowledge and to bring new and innovative ideas to move Your Organizations from “good to GREAT” with assured Supernormal PERFORMANCES with our exclusive and customized Research, Consulting and Training Solutions

  • altResearch

    PASSAsia is geared to offers wide range of highly independent and scientific research solutions with assured quality & standards.

  • altConsultancy

    Consulting solutions help you assess the status & performance of your organization to reach supernormal PERFORMANCE.

  • altTraining

    New & innovative training solutions will create platform for your organization to enhance competitive advantage with fun & pleasure.

  • altRCT

    Some solutions are blended with Research-Consultancy-Training (RCT) solutions together to highly customized & create more value.