RESULTS Generated...

We present the details of Research, Consultancy & Training products innovated by PASSAsia to generate RESULTS for service users.

Since 1999 PASSAsia has been designing, developing and delivering a wide range of over 500 exclusive Research, Consultancy & Training products for diversified sectors. PASSAsis ensured that the allocation of reasonable amount of physical, financial and human capital for the designing and development stages of those products to make sure an INNOVATION which produce excellent RESULTS. Although, majority of the solutions offered by PASSAsia are services, we we were creative and strategic enough to produce a wide range of tangible resources to be provided for the service users such as smart reference materials, display items, guides, set of tools, game modules, etc. The following diagram explains the details of the exclusive solution designing process at PASSAsia .

  • alt Research 30% of our product portfolio is researches including studies, assessments, surveys, etc.
  • alt Training & Development TAD played a vital role of product portfolio with an annual average of 35%.
  • alt Consultancy On annual average 35% of consultancies offered ranging up to 55% of maximum portfolio.
  • alt Mentoring & Coaching Most solutions contained mentoring & coaching as an emerging service.