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Today's competitive world, managing PERFORMANCE of our self, our families, our business and our organizations is one of the highly challenging and crucial task which demands knowledge, skills and competencies.
Performance management can be defined as a systematic process for improving organizational performance by developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performances with the strategic goals of the organization. It is a means of getting better results from the organization, teams and individuals by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competence requirements.
The effective management of performance first requires a solid understanding of the performance domain. That is, what are the duty areas and tasks that are part of the job. Once you have a firm handle on what the job requires, you have a basis for assessing and improving performance. But before you can get to the exciting and crucial point of improving performance you have got to start with the basics. Our new solution help you to define a job so that you can then assess the performance of someone in that job and the performance variable etc.

We offer our services in Sinhala, Tamil, English & Sign languages together with Braille media as per the requirement. In line with our exclusive policy for educational counselling, we do not disclose the details of your organizational information for any others for any reason.

This service will release your stress and tension and we will be a helping hand for focus more on your strategic business and organizational goals.

Irrespective to the nature of your business or the organization, if you are ready to manage the performance of your staff, governance, management, stakeholders etc, then this highly confidential and professional solution package is for you with an exclusive promotional offers for 2011.

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From the designing up to the review we do help your business or the assigned human resource professionals to initiate and manage successful performance management including performance planning, execution, appraisal, and review. Let's attend today and be a winning organization.

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If you are interested to know more about this service and solutions contact our Manager/Consultant

Profile of PASSAsia Manager/Consultant - Prasha Shrishlvam

Prasha Shriselvam is a Manager and Consultant for PASSAsia group of establishments including HR Asia, SME Asia, PASS Web Hosting, Cloud Accounting Asia. She is one of the most talented Young Consultants with Professional qualification in HRM. At present she is reading Master of Management degree at IHRA University of Colombo.

She has acquired wide range of working experiences in all Provinces with special reference to Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. One of her unique talents is to design and develop practical solutions using latest online and internet based technology for managing human resources. She has track records and consulting work experience in Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Her ability in managing assignments in English, Tamil and in Sinhala languages is excellent. She is working very closely with private sector, international organizations and government organizations for designing, developing and execution of research, consultancy and training assignments. Contact Prasha for more details on PASSAsia Consultancy.

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