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Exclusive Promotions for 2014

PASSAsia Research-Consultancy-Training 2013 Promotional Offers are now Open for all of our existing and new Clients/Customers. These offers are from January 1st to July 31st 2014.

PASSAsia offers there major price categories as package prices for most of its products/solutions/services as Economical, Smart and Luxury. Each package consisted its own exclusive vale additions and promotional inputs. Since most of our products are highly customized for business and organizational requirements, our promotional offers also customized with the offers/price proposals/bids etc. From year 2012 as an new value creation for the most value clients and customers PASSAsia offers the following unique promotions. These promotional offers are valid for both existing and new customers in addition to extra value additions for existing clients/customers. Customized promotional packages will be based on the client loyalty, scope of the work, horizon of the consultancy and the other terms and conditions in the agreement. We are geared to provide all our services in Sinhala, Tamil, English, Braille, Sign language and any other languages as per the request.

  • altFor Investors Third Service is 50% OFF for all Investment Solutions available at PASS Asia.
  • altFor SMEs first 10 customers FREE QMA report and staff motivational sessions with smart reference toolkit.
  • altFor Mini BPOs NO COST set up of the Mini BPO facility in Sri Lanka within the year 2012
  • altFor N&E SME Exclusive 30% discount to North & East SMEs for any solutions.
  • altFor Banks & MFIs FREE Entrepreneurship development session for each service purchased.
  • altFor You FREE registration for SMART Consultant Development programe for first 25 registrants.
  • altFor You FREE application for Effective Trainer Development Competition for first 10.
  • altFor Educators No Professional Fee- ICT skills development training for educators.
  • altFor Parents 50% discount for first 100 Education Counselling Sessions for parents.
  • altFor Students 50% OFF for first 100 students and 50 free sessions for the most needy.
  • altFor Political Leaders FREE web design for the service package to develop strategic and community projects.
  • altFor VT Industry A FREE training session for regular client institutions on entrepreneurship development.
  • altFor Red Cross FREE from Professional Fee for a training for each assignment to value long term partnership.
  • altFor Political Leaders FREE web design and provide the service in Tamil medium for any solution package.
  • altFor Professionals Exclusive Gifts including flash drives, and books for each solution you obtain form us.
  • altFor NGOs FREE Productivity Improvement training session and a good governance session.
  • altFor Donors No COST Virtual Desk Office for all main services or any other alternative services as agreed.
  • altFor DPOs Annually a FREE training for regular DPO clients. To help implement DPO strategic plan.

If you need any other details regarding the implementation of offers, please send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history.