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Chairman, Directors, & Staff

Mr. Samantha Pathirathna is the founder Chairman, Managing Director and the Chief Consultant of the company. 
  • PASSAsia Chief ConsultantMr. Samantha Pathirathna is an exclusive winner of The Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka (TOYP) - Entrepreneurship of JC International and one of the highly acclaimed United Status Sri Lanka Fulbright Scholarship Award to Study in the American University, Washington DC, USA with the adjunct Faculty status. He is a well known Management Expert, Project Designer, Trainer, Facilitator, Researcher, Consultant, Mentor, Coacher and Corporate Adviser in private, government and NGO sectors in Sri Lanka and several other countries with significant track records. He has earned a very good image and established a rapport among colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and employers. He is currently a PhD Candidate in Management discipline. He has obtained his Master of Business Administration in Management of Technology from University of Moratuwa. He has completed Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development at University of Colombo and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic and Corporate Finance from ICASL. His first degree is B.Sc. Agriculture Special Majored in Agricultural Economics from University of Peradeniya. In addition he has obtained Diploma in Mass Communication first class from SLMF, completed Certificate Course in Total Quality Management at Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM). Further, he has completed many other national and international advanced training courses including TOTs in ILO-SIYB, GYB, IYB & EYB, IRCA-ISO 9001-2000 Lead Auditor, CEFE Small Busniess Counselling TOT. In 2009, he received one of the best Humanitarian Diploma Scholarship from USA. He is an Associate Member of Institute of Personal Management Inc, Institute of Management Consultants Malaysia and USA, and Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Training and Development, Sri Lanka Economic Association, Sri Lanka Association of Advancement of Science. According to the clients, colleagues, stakeholders and employers, he is having exclusive and very rare ability of blending knowledge, experience and thinking to innovate practical solutions and keep the motivation of people to achieve supernormal performances with extremely sound professional management practices and code of conduct as a team player. He has exposed to all 25 Districts in Sri Lanka for training and consultancy assignments and several other Asian countries and USA.He was appointed in several national level Committee Members, Chairman of Review Committees and Panel of Judges in Government Ministries, Voluntary Organizations and Professional Associations including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society and Institute of Personal Management Inc Sri Lanka etc. Currently he is the Chairman/Managing Director of three Private Limited Companies in Sri Lanka including PASSAsia. Though he is an ordinary person his extra-ordinary determinations together with the simplicity, humanity, true respect on multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary nature are the power. He is a model for change, creativity, innovation, positive thinking, technical expertise and productive management.

    His next challenging career move which is ready from January 2013 is to join with an challenging socio-economic development effort, organizational re-engineering effort of Sri Lanka or any part of the world to utilize his full potential to serve the region or the world to ensure the "Betterment for All". If you are interested to know more about or if you need further information please write him directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history. CV Profile

  • Mrs. Maheswary Vengadasamy is one of the highly acknowledged trilingual researcher, consultant and trainer in Sri Lanka with significant track records and accomplishments. She has obtained MA in Development Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies from University of Colombo. She was the National Consultant / Country Manager for FONT Project of Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has worked as a Consultant for World Bank funded Project and as a English Teacher before entering in to University. Her first degree is in B.Sc. Agriculture Special Honours from University of Peradeniya. She has completed several national and international academic programmes. She has exposed in to many countries including India, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. She has claimed a reputation in the industry as one of the best professional Trilingual Female Trainer and she won the award also from ILO SIYB Project in this regard. She is an accredited ILO-SIYB Master Trainer in Sri Lanka through the SIYB Association of Sri Lanka. and has received CEFE SBC TOT. She has served as the Treasure for the SIYB Association of Sri Lanka. Further she is a professional member of SLAAS. Currently she is preparing for her PhD by research. Her e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history.
  • PASS Asia has served over 400 human resources in different categories including core staff, core consultants, part-time consultants, assignment basis consultants, national and international interns, regular consultants, non voting directors, etc. One of the most important strengths with us as we do maintain a good balance of internal and external resources to perform consultancies with the total control for core staff and core consultants with the implementation of Solution Process Improvement Innovations (system and applications. You are fortune to partner with PASS Asia because we will be able to provide all sorts of professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs in line with your assignment. Some of those categories are trainers, consultants, advisors, counselors, medical doctors, welfare professionals, NGO experts, project managers, mentors, coacher, analysts, researchers, facilitators, mediators, negotiators, managers, executives, directors, project coordinators, senior researchers-consultants and master trainers, junior consultants and even trainee consultants. You can view more details of career@PASSAsia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history for more details. View