Solution Process Improvement Innovations (SPII)

In year 2005 PASSAsia innovated SPII to standardize and assure the quality of its services from client/customer request to final service evaluation form. We tested the system and application with selected clients including an international University. Results are remarkable and encouraging. During last 3-5 years period we have modified the whole SPII system and applications several times and now in the full scale implementation. The system consisted all required process details, instruction guide, forms and formats etc with a user manual in English.

PASSAsia is geared to high quality and standard services with its SPII.

SPII is tested with proven RESULTS for Clients/Customers with the following key features and applications to ensure clients/customers are reaching Supernormal PROFIT or PERFORMANCES.

PASSAsia offers customized SPII for Service Organizations

In order to make use this innovation, we have decided to share this with selected service organizations upon the request with only minimum operational cost for customization of it. Therefore any interested service organization can write us for more details of the SPII system and applications and the cost for adopting it to your organization.

You can write us for more details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history