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Welcome International Investors

As per the long term strategic plan of the PASS Asia, we have internally declared year of 2012 as the year of Intellectual Capital with the focus on GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS with international investments. We have set up an special team to look in to available potentials and opportunities to initiate international partnerships to provide our services and solutions for growing Sri Lankan economy and the region including India and China with new and innovative partnership policies, models, strategies and projects with international consultancy firms, international universities, and other international agencies.

We are pleased to welcome International Investors to be a partner with PASS Asia to design, develop and deliver international training and consulting assignments to worldwide. International Partnership negotiations will be completed within year 2011. Since we are having diversified human capital, institutional capital and social capital base we are in a very strong position to create and mange a mutually beneficial international partnership to cater to many parts of the world with limited investments.

Write us to obtain investment options and proposed benefits to initiate a dialogue to build mutually beneficial business partnership This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./history